A sample of my film/TV works. From The Golden Age Of Television to The Digital Era.

The Joulukalenteri · Artists: Trio Saletti · MTV3 · Finland

The Walt Disney Co UK · The Disney Channel · Opening Of The Disney Store in Copenhagen

CWC WORLD · Starring De Nattergale · Primetime entertainment · TV2 Denmark

Episode 1 · The Joulukalenteri · SUB TV Finland

DRIVE · Information Film about Needed Driving Skills. RIGSPOLITIET. The National Danish Police

Nurçan Testemonial. From "The Campaign" RIGSPOLITIET. The National Danish Police

CWC - Canal Wild Card – TV2 Denmark

Documentary about The Danish Design icon Bang & Olufsen · Based on the book "B&O" by Jens Bang

DR2 Theme Evening (DR2 Tema) ELVIS ON MY MIND Dr. Sexton And Mr. Holm

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