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I am a high level user of the following graphics software:
Adobe Lightroom CC ·  Adobe Photoshop CC · Adobe Ilustrator CC · Adobe InDesign CC · Adobe Premiere Pro CC · Adobe After Affects CC · Apple Logic Pro X. I design websites with WordPress, and has knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript coding.


Throughout my career, my main job has been to convert ideas and messages into stories. I also do visual design tasks. I am out of a musical artist family. My ancestors were a veritable mix of farmers, painters and classical musicians. I grew up with cows, art, culture and music. Image creation, visual design, cows and music have always been close to my heart.

My “personal”  title is a combination of my skills and my initials. “HEart Director”. I also call myself “Communikation and Marketing Angel”. You can see some of my HEart Director works to the left. And my web design jobs here:

Designing the foundation of the website.. Development of templates. Training.
(This successful design brand is founded and owned by my daughter Cathrine and her childhood friend Barbara.)


I often receive (positive) media attention to my campaigns: Featured on The News:

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